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The military occupation has made and continues to make military occupation necessary.

The military Occupation has made and continues to make military Occupation necessary. The justification given is that it is necessary for the pacification of the country. Pacification would never hadve been necessary had not American policies been filled with so many stupid and brutal blunders; and it will never be effective so long as “pacification” [...]
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Voodoo Drums and the United States Occupation of Haiti

Entry for “Voodoo Drum” in the catalog of The Smithsonian Institution, Washington, D.C.  Accession Date: September 11, 1917. Click here for a link to the entry.
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José Antonio Aponte, Cuba and Haiti

In 1812 occurred the Aponte rebellion, which began in Havana. Aponte was a free Negro whose motives were not apparent, though race hatred seems to have been the prime cause of the outbreak. He terrorized Havana for a time but was slain with many others. E.P. Herrick, “Uprisings of Cuban Negroes,” The Southern [...]
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Andrew Salkey, “For Haiti” (1983)

In Memory of Jacques Stephen Alexis and Jacques Roumain 1 We’re either cut down, weighted and dumped into the sea By the savagery of those licensed uncles of woven straw Or else we’re driven into the ground by their lurking threats; From both extremes, the headlamps of blue light terrorize us: tontons-macoutes parading their acumen, proudly, at home, Auto-zobops cruising, cynically, in [...]
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Vue du Cap-Haitien, prise des hauteurs de Marchegalie

“Vue du Cap-Haitien, prise des hauteurs de Marchegalie” from Edgar La Selve, Le pays des negres; voyage a Haiti, ancienne partie francaise de Saint-Domingue (1881). Click image for source information.
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