Haiti: Péralte

The caco in the foreground killed an American Marine.

Nov. I, 1919.—Killed Charlemagne Péralte, Commander-in-Chief of the Bandits. Brought Charlemagne’s body to Grande Rivière, arriving 9 A.M. Went to Cap Haitien with the body. Received orders to proceeded to Fort Capois next morning. Went to Grand Riviere via handcar, arriving 9 P.M. Wrote report re death of Charlemagne.

Captain Herman H. Hanneken quoted in Harry A. Frank, “The Death of Charlemagne,” Roaming through the West Indies (1920).

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    An account of the killing of Charlemagne Péralte by US Marines: http://t.co/oLoCU64l #haiti

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    HT @public_archive: An account of the killing of Charlemagne Péralte by US Marines: http://t.co/1sDPYx6d #haiti (#Curacao)

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    FreeHaitiMovementEmmanuel Drèd Wilmè posts:We reMEMBER #Haiti bandit Charlemagne Péralte,assassinated in 1st occupation http://t.co/TO8Y9BYU

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    Charlemagne Péralte call Commander-in-Chief of #Haiti Bandits by US Marines first occupation http://t.co/TO8Y9BYU Photo of shackled Péralte

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  3. [...] Once the occupation began, it was rationalized as a necessary measure to teach Haitians, citizens of a backward Negro republic, the arts of self-government. Sanitation reforms were enacted, education was promised, public-works projects were planned, and a national guard, later mobilized by François Duvalier to maintain control of the country, was established. In the short term, however, the most pronounced labor of the Marines was counter-insurgency. They waged a “pacification” campaign through the Haitian countryside to suppress an uprising against the occupation led by the cacos, peasant guerillas. It left thousands dead, and countless others tortured, maimed or homeless, while caco leader Charlemagne Peralte was assassinated. [...]

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