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Could an All-African Army Liberate Haiti?

On December 16, 1990, in a landslide victory, Father Jean-Bertrand Aristide became Haiti’s first democratically elected president. Less than a year later, Aristide was deposed in a US-backed coup and sent into exile. The following essay, first published in 1992 by Professor Robin D. G. Kelley, of UCLA’s Departments of African American Studies and History, [...]
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Ebola, Cholera, and the Epidemiology of Anti-Blackness or, Black Lives Don’t Matter

The ravages of Ebola in West Africa and of cholera in Haiti – and the world’s response to both – remind us that the scourge of anti-Blackness is savage, deadly, and global. The response to the two epidemics suggests that Black people are expendable, unprotected from the most abject and degrading forms of suffering, immaterial [...]
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Radical Black Reading: Summer 2014

Black people have seen in the condition and treatment of the Palestinians a reflection of their own and recent statements by Black writers, scholars, artists, and activists have affirmed the history of Black solidarity with Palestine. Alice Walker, Robin D.G. Kelley, Angela Davis, Ferrari Sheppard, Teju Cole, dream hampton, Margaret Kimberley, Glen Ford, Kevin Alexander [...]
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Black Folk in Dark Times: Storified

[View the story "Black Folk in Dark Times: A Workshop on Sovereignty, Citizenship, and Freedom" on Storify]
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Solidarity & Sustainability: An Interview with Sokari Ekine

Sokari Ekine is a social activist, educator, editor, and journalist whose work and writing is engaged with queer, feminist, pan-Africanist, anti-imperialist, and environmental politics — in both Haiti and Nigeria. She has written for publications including Pambazuka News, Feminist Africa and New Internationalist and she is the editor of Blood and Oil: Testimonies of [...]
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The Struggle for the Recognition of Haiti and Liberia as Independent Republics

If any good reason exists why we should persevere longer in withholding our recognition of the independence and sovereignty of Haiti and Liberia, I am unable to discern it. Unwilling, however, to inaugurate a novel policy in regard to them without the approbation of Congress, I submit to your consideration the expediency of an appropriation [...]
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Sculpture vaudou fon, Bénin

Sculpture vaudou fon, Bénin, Bois, pierre, fer, terre cuite et patine sacrificielle, 57 x 56 x 35 cm, Collection Anne et Jacques Kerchache, Photo © Yuji Ono, Exposition Vaudou, Fondation Cartier pour l’art contemporain, Paris, 5 avril › 25 sept. 2011
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Suzanne Comhaire-Sylvain, Africa and Haiti

Suzanne Comhaire-Sylvain vient de mourir en laissant une oeuvre considérable sur la littérature orale africaine et haïtienne. Ayant vécu loin des rumeurs de la politique haïtienne, elle est restée dans l’ombre pour nombre d’ethnologues d’Haïti, mais tous reconnaissent une grande dette à son égard : c’est elle qui a fourni une base indispensable et unique [...]
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