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Haiti: Daniel Fignolé

Daniel Fignolé, promises F.D.R.-style New Deal. A Negro, he is allied with Louis Dejoi to break François Duvalier’s strength among Negroes. “Chaos in a Caribbean Hotspot,” Life (June 3, 1957) Pierre Eustache Daniel Fignolé has been alternately dubbed ‘a Communist,’ ‘a politial genius,’ ‘a vagabond’ and ‘the darling of the street mobs.’ He is proud […]

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Haiti: Democracy

The original antislavery, anticolonial, egalitarian premises of the Haitian Revolution did not simply die out in the postindependence period. Arising out of the ashes of self-liberation from slavery, peasant democratic republicanism lived on in a popular vision of national liberty, civic fraternity, and racial equality, expressed through the Piquet Rebellion and other instances of popular […]

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Haiti: Aristide

Much of the work had already been done by people who came before me, people like Father Antoine Adrien and his co-workers, and Father Jean-Marie Vincent, who was assassinated in 1994. They had developed a progressive theological vision that resonated with the hopes and expectations of the Haitian people. Jean-Bertrand Aristide interviewed by Peter Hallward, […]

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Haiti: History

Haitian exceptionalism takes many forms. The most dangerous and resilient is the idea that the Haitian political quagmire is due to some congenital disease of the Haitian mind. Such a conclusion makes Haiti’s political dilemma immune to rational explanation and therefore to solutions that could be both just and practical. Michel-Rolph Trouillot, “Haiti’s Nightmare and […]

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Haiti: Democracy

The Haitian Revolution truly deserves the title of repetition of the French Revolution: led by Toussaint L’Ouverture, it was clearly “ahead of his time”, “premature” and doomed to fail, yet, precisely as such, it was perhaps even more of an event than the French Revolution itself. Slavoj Zizek, “Democracy versus the people,” New Statesman (August […]

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