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Haiti: Le Serment des Ancêtres

Lethière Guillaume Guillon, Le Serment des Ancêtres (1822), Museée National d’Haïti, Port-au-Prince, Haïti Lethière Guillaume Guillon (1760-1832)

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Haiti: Mackandal

It is not above twenty-five years ago, that the island of St. Domingo trembled at the single name of Mackandal. Born in Africa, in one of the countries at the foot of Mount Atlas, he was unquestionably of high rank; for his education had been attended to with an assiduity not common among the negroes. […]

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Haiti: History

It is on ancient record, that negroes were capable of repelling their enemies, with vigour in their own country; and a writer of modern date has assured us of the talents and virtues of these people; but it remained for the close of the eighteenth century to realize the scene from a state of abject […]

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Haiti: History

Haitian exceptionalism takes many forms. The most dangerous and resilient is the idea that the Haitian political quagmire is due to some congenital disease of the Haitian mind. Such a conclusion makes Haiti’s political dilemma immune to rational explanation and therefore to solutions that could be both just and practical. Michel-Rolph Trouillot, “Haiti’s Nightmare and […]

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Haiti: Maroons

The Haitian nation, the result of the only successful slave revolt in history, was formed, organized and maintained by the maroons, the slaves who had run away from the slave society organized by the Metropolitan forces and made a place for themselves in the inaccessible hills. CLR James, “The Haitian Maroons,” Black World/Negro Digest (November […]

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Haiti: Americas

Haiti did not forget what she considered her duty toward those who were fighting to free themselves from European domination. She gave a hearty welcome to Simon Bolivar… Jacques Nicholas Leger, Haiti: Her History and Her Detractors (1907)

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Haiti: Liberty or Death

Never again shall a Colonial or an European set his foot upon this territory with the title of master or proprietor. This resolution shall henceforward form the fundamental basis of our constitution. Jean-Jacques Dessalines, “Liberty or Death: Proclamation,” Balance and Columbian Repository (June 19, 1804)

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Haiti: Democracy

The Haitian Revolution truly deserves the title of repetition of the French Revolution: led by Toussaint L’Ouverture, it was clearly “ahead of his time”, “premature” and doomed to fail, yet, precisely as such, it was perhaps even more of an event than the French Revolution itself. Slavoj Zizek, “Democracy versus the people,” New Statesman (August […]

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