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Haiti: Architecture

Claude-Laurent Aubert’s sketches of Haitian architecture, circa 2001,  at Collectif Haïti de France.

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Haiti: Architecture

InnoVida is committed to the Haiti Relief Effort. With our donation of 1,000 homes and the installation of a local Fiber Composite Panel manufacturing facility we hope to provide jobs as well as housing to thousands of Haitians with the greater hope of assisting in the full development, rebuilding and modernization of the country. InnoVida […]

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Afghanistan: Aid

The Russians have gone skilfully about the job. Without waiting for specific Afghan requests for aid, they planked down some offers. The Afghans promptly chose just the flashy and low-cost projects the Russians wanted them to: street paving in dusty Kabul, gleaming petroleum tanks, grain silos, bakeries. Most Afghans were impressed by these tangible achievements. […]

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Haiti: Daniel Fignolé

Daniel Fignolé, promises F.D.R.-style New Deal. A Negro, he is allied with Louis Dejoi to break François Duvalier’s strength among Negroes. “Chaos in a Caribbean Hotspot,” Life (June 3, 1957) Pierre Eustache Daniel Fignolé has been alternately dubbed ‘a Communist,’ ‘a politial genius,’ ‘a vagabond’ and ‘the darling of the street mobs.’ He is proud […]

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Haiti: Québec

Tahani Rached, Haïti (Québec), (National Film Board of Canada, 1985)

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Afghanistan: Malang Kohistani

Malang Kohistani in Kabul Transit (dir. David Edwards, Maliha Zulfacar, Gregory Whitmore, 2006)

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Afghanistan: Markets

In Kabul can be had the products of Khurasan, Rum, `Iraq and Chin (China); while it is Hindustan’s own market. Zahiruddin Muhammad Babur, The Babur-Nama (ca. 1530, trans. 1922) Notwithstanding the tightly closed door into Afghanistan, trade with the outside world is increasing, important improvements are projected, and European and American ideas, fashions, and articles […]

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Haiti: Markets

The famous Code Noir (Black Code) of 1685 outlawed the slave-operated markets, but the French colonists protested that they were absolutely necessary to the commerce of the colony and the French government changed the law the next year and allowed the slave-operated markets to continue. Gwendolyn Midlo Hall, “Black Resistance in Colonial Haiti,” Black World/Negro […]

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