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Haiti: Archiving the Present

There’s an overwhelming amount of data flowing out from the authorities and NGOs in Haiti. People engaged on this issue should share skills, resources, and make sure nothing important slips unnoticed into the netherzones of cyberspace. “Haiti Documents Index,” Mediahacker: Independent multimedia reporting from Haiti since 2009 (2010) This collection is currently documenting the events […]

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Jean-Jacques Dessalines

What then? Bent for many ages under an iron yoke; the sport of the passions of men, or their injustice, and of the caprices of fortune; mutilated victims of the cupidity of white Frenchmen; after having fattened with our toils these insatiate blood suckers, with a patience and resignation unexampled, we should again have seen […]

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The Citadelle Laferrière or, Citadelle Henri Christophe

Henri Christophe built his citadel in the first decade of the nineteenth century on the top of a mountain more than three thousand feet high, which dominates the fertile plains of Northern Haiti. He built it as a last stronghold against the French if they attempted to retake Haiti. The trip up took a little […]

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Pakistan: History, submerged

Haiti, and now Pakistan. Once again, a disaster wrought by nature. Another illustration for what the state should have done. Another case for international hand-wringing. And yet again, the humanity, the history, the daily lives of ordinary people, swept away, out of sight. Most of us turn away from Pakistan now. Donor fatigue. Terrorists. Failed […]

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