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Union Patriotique d’Haiti

A number of letters were sent pointing out the urgent need for the formation of a unified body in Haiti which would speak for the Haitian people, and which could not only wage an active campaign for the restoration of Haitian independence and the ending of the American military occupation, but could answer the great […]

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Haiti: December 16, 1990

Neither failed elections nor military coups extinguished the Haitian people’s faith that they were as entitled to democracy as anyone else. “Haiti’s Choice, and Father Aristide’s,” The New York Times (December 18, 1990)

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Haiti: An Introduction to The Agronomist

The Public Archive’s first venture towards a local engagement with the Vanderbilt and greater Nashville communities is a film series titled Memory, Cinema, Archive, co-sponsored by Vanderbilt University’s International Lens and the Department of History. The first films in the series are a triptych on Haiti, scheduled in the weeks prior to the Republic’s presidential […]

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Afghanistan: Awadh Punch, 1879

A scene from the second phase of the late war, the ex-Amir sitting on the ground with one end of a rope around his waist, the other in the hands of a British officer who is preparing to lead him away to exile; to the left, Sir Frederick Roberts standing by the side of a […]

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