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Assotto Saint’s Haiti

Having seen, so many times during this AIDS crisis, Haitian doctors and community leaders deny the existence of homosexuality in Haiti; having heard constantly that the first afflicted male causes in Haiti were not homosexual, but alas, poor hustlers who were used by visiting homosexual American tourists who infected them and thus introduced the disease […]

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“Voodooism” Increases Profits

On the tendency of white foreigners, especially, and recently American negroes, to read dark, jungle atavism into even the most guileless aspects of Haitian life, our author has this to say: “Many good missionaries have come to us from the United States and elsewhere to advise us to preserve our traditions, customs, and African cults […]

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Tourist, don’t take my picture Don’t take my picture, tourist I’m too ugly Too dirty Too meager and too thin Don’t take my picture, blanc Mr. Eastman wouldn’t approve I’m too ugly, too thin And your Kodak will break I’m too dirty and too black Your Kodak will burst Don’t take my portrait, tourist Let […]

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How the Haitian people feel about former United States President Woodrow Wilson

To-day in the history of Haiti the 4th of March is the beginning of a new era. Mr. Harding, the defender of our cause and advocate of our rights, had entered the White House as President of the United States in place of Mr. Woodrow Wilson, the man of baneful prejudices, who conspired against the […]

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Jean-Claude Duvalier

Jean‑Claude Duvalier was Haiti’s “president for life” from 1971 to 1986, succeeding his father François “Papa Doc” Duvalier.  The Duvaliers are estimated to have ordered the deaths of between twenty and thirty thousand Haitian civilians. The brutality of their government created the modern Haitian diaspora, driving hundreds of thousands of Haitians into exile in Canada, […]

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inside the car françois and i could see the light coming from the cigarette michelle duvalier was smoking her husband declared president for life looked like a fat chauffer sitting behind the wheel françois and i smiled the small procession of cars slipping past us in the dark we did not know that a few […]

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Haiti: New York City

Tabou Combo, “New York City,” (1989)

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U.S.A. Dishonor and Disrespect (Haitian Interdiction 1981 to 1994)

dem na Cuban so dem noh count Kamau Brathwaite,“Dream Haiti,” (1995)

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