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Harlem by Jean F. Brierre

I have seen you suffer in the midst of winters, and your shadow erect amidst the street lamps has told me often of its hunger at the doors of the eating houses. I have seen you bleed at times on the sidewalks, and I have not heard your agony make complaint. I have seen you […]

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The National Palace of Haiti, 1912 to 2012

The National Palace of Haiti, Port-au-Prince (1912-2012), Georges H. Baussan, Architect. Image: “Haitian White House,” Date Unknown. Source: Art, Architecture, and Engineering Library,  Lantern Slide Collection, University of Michigan Library. Click on image for larger version.

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Krome North Service Processing Center, Miami, Florida

It was depressing. Depressing because the human soul shrinks when it is snagged on the briars of the law, unable to go forward, unable to go back, denied the means to do anything but do … nothing. All day, every day, week after week upon month following month, there is almost nothing for the Haitians […]

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