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Miami Peniel Church of the Nazarene / Eglise du Nazareen Peniel

Miami Peniel Church of the Nazarene-Eglise du Nazareen Peniel, Reverend Delanot Pierre, Pastor, (December 11, 1945, Ennery, Haiti — April 20, 2013, Miami, Florida). Rest in Peace.

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The Sufferings of Madame Toussaint

The widow of the unfortunate Toussaint has just landed upon our continent. Her account of her own and her husband’s sufferings, from Bonaparte’s tyranny, would be incredible, were they not already equaled by the Corsican’s former atrocities, and those of his accomplices. Her mutilated limbs and numerous wounds, are, besides, visible proofs of the racks […]

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The National City Bank of New York & Haiti

With American influence becoming so strong in Haiti through the United States permanent control and administration of customs, finances, etc., followed, as it naturally would be, by American investment in the island and increased trading between the two countries, it was natural that the National Bank, heretofore almost entirely in Europe, should pass into full […]

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Marie-Louise Christophe, Queen of Haiti

The planters talked over their billiards and their wine, and the longer they played and the more they drank the more they talked. They said things not intended for slave ears. The wine loosened their tongues and blurred their intellects. Christophe listened with amazement and then coolly digested what they said; and within the short […]

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