Haiti: Savannah

The connection between the siege of Savannah and the independence of Hayti is traced, both to its spirit, and physically, through the black legion that on that occasion saved the American army.

T. G. Steward, How the Black St. Domingo Legion Saved the Patriot Army in the Siege of Savannah, 1779 (1889)

At the siege of Savannah the colored sons of Haiti fearlessly shed their blood for the independence of the United States. After fighting for the liberty of others was it possible that they would willingly tolerate slavery for their mothers, their brothers, and their sisters? Could they be content under the arbitrary rule of a system which had despoiled them of their rights?

Jacques Nicolas Léger, Haiti, her history and her detractors (1907)

But who remembers the 800 Haitian volunteers, free men all, who came to this country in 1779 to aid the Americans against the British and fought valiantly at the Siege of Savannah?

Alexander Allen, “U.S. Owes Haitians Gratitude, Not Abuse,” The Crisis (October, 1982)

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