Union Patriotique d’Haiti

A number of letters were sent pointing out the urgent need for the formation of a unified body in Haiti which would speak for the Haitian people, and which could not only wage an active campaign for the restoration of Haitian independence and the ending of the American military occupation, but could answer the great mass of counter-propaganda, derogatory to the Haitian people, being spread throughout America and the world to justify American interference in Haitian affairs. As a result, in November the Union Patriotique d’Haiti (The Patriotic Union of Haiti) was formed.

Eleventh Annual Report of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (January 1921)

The Haitian question is bobbing up again. A group of Haitian nationalists calling themselves the Union Patriotique d Haiti have appealed to the Harding Administration to reverse the policy of American occupation and control pursued by the Wilson Administration and to give reparations for numerous alleged outrages.

“Haiti’s Indictment of Uncle Sam,” The Independent (21 May 1921)

And then, one fine day under the merest pretext, without any possible explanation or justification on the grounds of violation of any American right or interest, American forces landed on our national territory and actually abolished the sovereignty and independence of the Haitian Republic.

“Memoire of the Union Patriotique d’Haiti, May 25, 1921,” reprinted  in H.P. Davis, Black Democracy: The Story of Haiti (1928)

This memoir relates the conditions and circumstances in which the treaty of September 16, 1915, was imposed upon the Haitian people, the violent means used to achieve this result, and the consequent position of the Haitian Government, which has, in fact lost the characteristics of a real Government.

“Statement of Mr. Stenio Vincent, New York, N.Y., representing the Union Patriotique d’Haiti,” Inquiry into Occupation and Administration of Haiti and Santo Domingo (1922)

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