Haiti: Diplomacy


It is usually the wrong sort of reporter who decides to stop off for a couple of hectic weeks in Port-au-Prince or Cap Haitien in order to get the real low-down on Haiti and Haitians. Such a fellow is usually looking for scandal and sensation-reeking local color and not the truth. He is already burdened with the almost innate belief that any considerable group of Negroes left to themselves to develop their own destiny are bound to revert to barbarism for the lack of white control.

James W. Ivy, “Haitian-American Diplomatic Relations,” The Crisis (June 1941)

A day will come when the League of Nations will have to concern itself with the race problem, when it will have to work for the disappearance of racial differences, differences marked by ill-treatment meted out to particular races and resulting in a menace to universal peace.

Dantès Bellegarde quoted in Mercer Cook, “Haiti’s ‘Youngest’ Ambassador,” The Crisis (April 1957)

Is the weakness of a nation a reason for our robbing it?

Frederick Douglass quoted in Millery Polyné, “Expansion Now!: Haiti, ‘Santo Domingo,’ and Frederick Douglass at the Intersection of U.S. and Caribbean Pan-Americanism,” Caribbean Studies (July-December, 2006)

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