In the Dominican Republic the cause is the consequence: you are Black because you are Haitian; you are Haitian because you are Black.

On December 2, 2011, the Supreme Court of the Dominican Republic upheld a racist law denying citizenship to the children of Haitian immigrants born in the country. Two days later, Sonia Pierre, the indefatigable activist forthe human rights of those Dominicans of Haitian descent denied citizenship under the law, died suddenly at the age of 48. The Dominican anti-Haitianism that Sonia Pierre fought her entire life has outlived her, and it will continue inflicting damage on a long-hated segment of the Dominican population: its Back citizens.

Jemima Pierre, “The Dominican Republic Hates Black People,” Black Agenda Report (14 December 2011)

Image: This boy ran through the drunken, berserk Dominican Guards, carrying a dead companion, when his village was massacred. A three-pronged knife made the half-healed scars. Life Magazine (6 December 1937)

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    Shocking pic of boy after Trujillo’s Parsley Massacre, 1937; is new DR law vs Haitians also racist? RT @public_archive:

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    In the Dominican Republic the cause is the consequence: you are Black becau (via @publicarchive )

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