Haiti: Democracy


The original antislavery, anticolonial, egalitarian premises of the Haitian Revolution did not simply die out in the postindependence period. Arising out of the ashes of self-liberation from slavery, peasant democratic republicanism lived on in a popular vision of national liberty, civic fraternity, and racial equality, expressed through the Piquet Rebellion and other instances of popular mobilization in defense of democratic citizenship.

Mimi Sheller, “The Army of Sufferers: Peasant Democracy in the early Republic of Haiti,” New West Indian Guide / Nieuwe West-Indische Gids (2000)

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    This seems a particularly interesting article. I have often searched for historical research which looked at Haiti in the post-revolution period and did not find too many interesting pieces. This one, even though I am yet to finish reading the entire article, seems very good. Thanks. You guys are doing a wonderful job…

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    The antislavery, anti-colonial, egalitarian premises of the Haitian Revolution did not die out after independence: http://t.co/D16yKT1i

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