Marie-Jeanne Lamartiniére


“Let those with the courage to die free men stay here with me,” said Dessalines.

A cheer went up: We will all die for Liberty! The doctor noticed that Marie-Jeanne, Lamartinière’s wife, cried the affirmation as loud as any man.  She was a tall and striking colored woman; he was rather astonished to see she was still here.

Madison Smartt Bell, The Stone that the Builder Refused (2004)

«… De loin, les Francais surveillaient leur œuvre de destruction quand, stupéfaits, ils virent, sur les murailles du fort, une femme qui excitait les combattants. C’était Marie-Jeanne, la compagne de Lamartinière. Le sabre au côté, la carabine à la main, elle partageait tous les périls des héroïques défenseurs de la Crête-à-Pierrot.»

Dr. J.C. Dorsainvil qtd. in Jasmine Narcisse, “Marie-Jeanne,” Mémoire de femmes (2002)

General Lamartinière was defeated in Port au Prince. General Maurepas was defeated near Port de Paix. Toussaint himself was defeated at a point known as the “Ravine  à coulèvre” and after a memorable siege the famous fort of “La Crête à Pierrot,” commanded by Dessalines, Magny, Lamartinière and Marie Jeanne (wife of Lamartinière) was captured thus bringing to a close the first struggle for complete Independence, but due credit must be given the ex-slaves for the wonderful fight they urged for their independence against the well organized veterans of Napoleonic French Army.

“History of Haiti,” Haiti, 1919-1920: Blue Book of Haiti (1920)

Image: Postal stamp of commemorating the 150th anniversary of Haiti’s independence. Source: Smithsonian National Postal Museum.

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