Haiti: Architecture

When a person has been acquainted in France with colonists, and above all with Creole colonists, he cannot approach Port-au-Prince, now become the residence of the civil and military powers, the capital of the richest country on the face of the globe! the most fertile in delights! the throne of luxury! the center of voluptuousness! without experiencing that secret shivering, that pleasing and vague anxiety, which precedes admiration, and prepares the soul for enthusiasm — To be brief: I entered between two rows of huts, jolting along a dusty track called a street, and searching in vain for Persepolis, amongst a chaotic mass of wood barracks!

Baron de Wimpffen, A Voyage to St. Domingo, in the Years 1788, 1789, and 1790 (1797)

The social progress which the Haytians are making, under the influence of their new political condition, will be best appreciated by contrasting these evidences of their domestic state with the numerous buildings of the old city that yet remain; whatever may have been the wealth of the old colonists, whatever their refinement and breeding, the external appearance and internal economy of their ancient houses exhibit an extraordinary disregard to all taste and elegance.

“Recent Communications from a Traveller in Haiti,” The Anti-Slavery Reporter (June 25, 1830)

Surrounded by lush vegetation the site is ideally suited for an ecologically-conscious commercial project. Walking distance from the Villa Creole and El Rancho Hotels and adjoining the Embassy of the Dominican Republic, the area is secured by police all the time. With a 27 meter private entrance, accessible from Avenue Panamericaine, the property offers some seclusion from the bustling activities of an increasingly business oriented town.

“The Property,” Oasis Haiti (2009)

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