Afghanistan: Women

No Afghan woman would ever consent to have her photograph made without the veil.

Frederick Simpich and “Haji Mirza Hussein”, “Every-day Life in Afghanistan,” The National Geographic Magazine (January, 1921)

Afghanistan may be the only country in the world where during the last century kings and politicians have been made and undone by struggles relating to women’s status.

Huma Ahmed-Ghosh, ” A History of Women in Afghanistan: Lessons Learnt for the Future Or Yesterdays and Tomorrows: Women in Afghanistan,” International Journal of Women’s Studies (May, 2003)

For many westerners, nothing demonstrates the essentially “backward” or “medieval” nature of Afghan society more than its treatment of women.  For many Afghans, nothing represents the perils of encroaching westernization more than the movement for women’s rights.

Scott Levi, “The Long, Long Struggle for Women’s Rights in Afghanistan,” Origins (September, 2009)

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