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December 14, 1929: Haiti in Revolt

“Haiti in Revolt!” The Militant, December 14, 1929. See the original here.

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10 Books for 2013

A couple of caveats concerning our list of ten notable books for 2013: we’ve listed more than ten books and not all of them were published in 2013. While some of the texts mentioned below come from 2012, others were published as early as the 1930s. We also have a stack of excellent recent titles […]

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The Société Congo of the Ile á Gonave

These societies bear individual names and operate separately. In fact there is no central organization and the term Société Congo only designates the kind of society. The purpose of these organizations is fourfold. First, they are cooperative labor groups; second, the members are afforded protection; third, they are mutual benefit societies; and fourth, they provide […]

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The first stage was a strike …

The first stage was a strike among the students of the National University. They held parades through the principal streets of Port-au-Prince, protesting against the educational bureaucracy saddled upon them by President Borneo and his American educational advisors. In order to cut down national expenses, the Government recently made a sweeping reduction in the education […]

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