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The Black Agenda Review: A Manifesto of First Principles

The 2020 U.S. elections seem to be over and much of the world is preparing for a new Biden-Harris administration. So, what now? What changes should global Black communities expect? Our sense is that expectations need to be tempered by the lessons of past experience. Long ago we learned that representation is not a sign […]

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Ebola, Cholera, and the Epidemiology of Anti-Blackness or, Black Lives Don’t Matter

The ravages of Ebola in West Africa and of cholera in Haiti – and the world’s response to both – remind us that the scourge of anti-Blackness is savage, deadly, and global. The response to the two epidemics suggests that Black people are expendable, unprotected from the most abject and degrading forms of suffering, immaterial […]

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Frederick Douglass and Haiti: A Dossier

Letter from Frederick Douglass to Secretary of State James G. Blaine, Accepting the Appointment as U.S. Minister to Haiti, June 25, 1889 Hon. Frederick Douglass, “Haiti and the United States. Inside History of the Negotiations for the Mole St. Nicolas, I,” North American Review (September 1891) Hon. Frederick Douglass, “Haïti and the United States: Inside […]

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Haitiano Eres Haitiano eres haitiano por ser negro eres negro eso te hace haitiano no por nacimiento Por ser negro Eres negro Eres haitianoo por ser negro Negro es lo malo Malo es lo haitiano Negro es feo Feo es haitiano Eres haitiano Por ser negro eres haitiano. _____________ Haitian You are Haitian you are […]

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Jamaica, Haiti, Anti-Haitianism

Quelle est l’image d’Haiti entretenue à travers le monde? Quelle est l’image d’Haiti qu’ont les Haïtiens? Ce sont les questions que je me pose depuis que la nouvelle du traitement infligé à notre équipe U-17 à la Jamaïque s’est répandue dans le pays. Nadève Ménard, “Une question d’image,” Tande (20 février 2011) The expulsion of the Haitian National U-17 football team from Jamaica has led to anti-Jamaican […]

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Haiti: Americas

But a deeper reason for coolness between the countries is this: Haiti is black, and we have not yet forgiven Haiti for being black or forgiven the Almighty for making her black. Frederick Douglass, Lecture on Haiti (January 2, 1893)

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Haiti: Americas

Antonio Maceo’s trip to Haiti was no less significant than his proclamation of March 1878 in favor of a “new republic” that would include Cuba, the Dominican Republic and Haiti. Its boldness is also indisputable when one considers that it was the first of its kind made by an Afro-Cuban of his stature. Philippe Zacaïr, […]

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Haiti: History

A movement toward a restoration of black pride had been stirring in Haiti before Franklin Roosevelt ended the US occupation. But Haiti, styled a “black republic” by outsiders, was never monochromatically that. Madison Smartt Bell, “The Lost Years,” The Nation (August 11, 2009)

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