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Black Looks: The Haiti Feminist Series

After a ten year run, our dear friend Sokari Ekine has stopped publishing the excellent blog Blacks Looks, but she’s left us with an incredible archive of Haitian feminist intellectual, political, and cultural history. Black Looks’ “Haiti: Feminist Series” consisted of a clutch of essays, interviews, and videos with Haitian artists, intellectuals, and activists addressing […]

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Ligue Feminine d’action sociale

In 1934, the Ligue Feminine d’action sociale was formed among women of the upper classes. According to Haitian historian Madeleine Boucherau, Ligue members chose to move away from their usual model of inidvidualized patronage to a more communal one of inter-class cooperation which would attack Haiti’s greater social problems. The Ligue founded the “Association des […]

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Paulette Poujol-Oriol

Paulette Poujol-Oriol, who died March 11 at age 84, left her birth country, Haiti, a legacy that is immeasurable. She was one of Haiti’s most ardent feminist leaders, as well as an unmatched cultural producer and worker. Gina Ulysse, “The Legacy of Haitian Feminist Paulette Poujol-Oriol,” Ms Magazine (29 March 2011) In addition to her […]

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Afghanistan: Women

No Afghan woman would ever consent to have her photograph made without the veil. Frederick Simpich and “Haji Mirza Hussein”, “Every-day Life in Afghanistan,” The National Geographic Magazine (January, 1921) Afghanistan may be the only country in the world where during the last century kings and politicians have been made and undone by struggles relating […]

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Haiti: Rebuilding

Stories of need coming out of Haiti have sparked a wave of solidarity. In New York City, home of some of the largest populations of Haitians and Dominicans outside of the island, various groups have converged to offer support to grassroots initiatives on the ground. Judith De Los Santos, “Beyond Port-au-Prince: Grassroots Women’s Group Brings […]

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