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La vérité sur la répression anticommuniste de 1969

“La vérité sur la répression anticommuniste de 1969,” Boukan: Organ del Parti unifie des communistes Haitiens (P.U.C.H.), March 1970. Source: Centre International de Documentation et d’Information Haïtienne, Caribéenne et Afro-Canadienne (CIDIHCA). Montréal, Québec, Canada.

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Voodoo Drums and the United States Occupation of Haiti

Entry for “Voodoo Drum” in the catalog of The Smithsonian Institution, Washington, D.C.  Accession Date: September 11, 1917. Click here for a link to the entry.

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An nou pote kole pou dekole MINUSTAH: Bring the Rage to Kick Out MINUSTAH

Translation of statement from Bri Kouri Nouvèl Gaye announcing July 28, 2011 protest against the United Nations Stabilization Mission in Haiti (MINUSTAH). Kreyol original follows. July 28, 1915 – July 28, 2011.  It has been ninety-six years since the U.S. imperial army landed in our country. They occupied us for nineteen years, killed many of […]

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Un soldado argentino en Haití es un marine en Iraq

“Un soldado argentino en Haití es un marine en Iraq,” [Argentina]: [s.n.], [n.d.]. Princeton University Library. Latin American Ephemera Collections.

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How the Haitian people feel about former United States President Woodrow Wilson

To-day in the history of Haiti the 4th of March is the beginning of a new era. Mr. Harding, the defender of our cause and advocate of our rights, had entered the White House as President of the United States in place of Mr. Woodrow Wilson, the man of baneful prejudices, who conspired against the […]

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In Haiti numberless abominable crimes have been committed. To give some idea of their horror we cite only a few cases made public …

1. Hanging of M. Cicéron Lacroix, execution of Léon Moricet, Téca, and other persons in October and November. 1918, by Lieut. Lang, acts denounced to the naval court of inquiry by M. Philocles Lacroix in his letter of October 20, 1920. 2. Execution of the Péralte brothers by Lieut. Wallace at Mirebalais in December, 1918. […]

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Union Patriotique d’Haiti

A number of letters were sent pointing out the urgent need for the formation of a unified body in Haiti which would speak for the Haitian people, and which could not only wage an active campaign for the restoration of Haitian independence and the ending of the American military occupation, but could answer the great […]

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Haiti: December 16, 1990

Neither failed elections nor military coups extinguished the Haitian people’s faith that they were as entitled to democracy as anyone else. “Haiti’s Choice, and Father Aristide’s,” The New York Times (December 18, 1990)

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