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Haiti: Rebuilding

“What are we? Since that’s your question, I’m going to answer you. We’re this country, and it wouldn’t be a thing without us, nothing at all. Who does the planting? Who does the watering? Who does the harvesting? Coffee, cotton, rice, sugar cane, caco, corn, bananas, vegetables, and all the fruits, who’s going to grow […]

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Haiti: An Introduction to The Agronomist

The Public Archive’s first venture towards a local engagement with the Vanderbilt and greater Nashville communities is a film series titled Memory, Cinema, Archive, co-sponsored by Vanderbilt University’s International Lens and the Department of History. The first films in the series are a triptych on Haiti, scheduled in the weeks prior to the Republic’s presidential […]

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Haiti: Monsanto

Following the disaster, Monsanto donated money to the recovery, but it was clear a donation of our products – quality corn and vegetable seeds – could really make a difference in the lives of Haitians. “Monsanto Donates Corn and Vegetable Seeds to Haiti,” Monsanto.com (2010) “A new earthquake” is what peasant farmer leader Chavannes Jean-Baptiste […]

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Haiti: Vodou

The years when Haitian culture was first emerging as a major object of anthropological study both domestically and internationally were actually a period of prolonged penalization and persecution for many who served the Vodou spirits. Kate Ramsey, “Prohibition, persecution, performance,” Gradhiva (2005)

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Haiti: Independence

Thirty years ago, Haiti raised nearly all the rice it needed. What happened? Bill Quigley, The U.S. Role in Haiti’s Food Riots (April 2008). U.S. intervention in Haitian agricultural policy is not without precedent. Paisley Doods, “US rice doesn’t help struggling Haitian farmers.” Business Week (February 26, 2010).

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Haiti: State

If Haitian society cannot move forward and cannot realize the dream of modernity that sparked its revolution at the end of the 18th century, it is in part because it had an elite that lived by siphoning off the country’s productivity to support its personal consumption. J. Michael Dash, “Rebuilding Haiti: The Next Two Hundred […]

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Haiti: History

Haitian exceptionalism takes many forms. The most dangerous and resilient is the idea that the Haitian political quagmire is due to some congenital disease of the Haitian mind. Such a conclusion makes Haiti’s political dilemma immune to rational explanation and therefore to solutions that could be both just and practical. Michel-Rolph Trouillot, “Haiti’s Nightmare and […]

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