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Citadelle du Christophe, Haiti, June 29, 1935.

Frederick G. Clapp, Citadelle du Christophe (1816-1820). Haiti, June 29, 1935. American Geographical Society Library, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee Libraries.

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Haiti: Jean-Bertrand Aristide

Jean-Bertrand Aristide is a former priest and liberation theologist who rose to become Haiti’s first democratically elected president in 1991, but was overthrown in a coup later that year. He returned to power from 1994 to 1996, won another election amid boycotts in 2000 and was then ousted again four years later. “Haiti opens door […]

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Haiti: Daniel Fignolé

Daniel Fignolé, promises F.D.R.-style New Deal. A Negro, he is allied with Louis Dejoi to break François Duvalier’s strength among Negroes. “Chaos in a Caribbean Hotspot,” Life (June 3, 1957) Pierre Eustache Daniel Fignolé has been alternately dubbed ‘a Communist,’ ‘a politial genius,’ ‘a vagabond’ and ‘the darling of the street mobs.’ He is proud […]

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Haiti: Sovereignty

Demolition of the National Palace, Port-au-Prince, Haiti, Le Nouvelliste (April 8th, 2010)

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Haiti, Afghanistan, and the Public Archive

The Public Archive’s fortieth post is as good a time as any to reflect on its aims and its future. The Public Archive was a response to the coverage of Haiti after the January 12th earthquake. We felt a sense of despair at the depiction of Haiti in the North American and European press with […]

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Haiti: Diplomacy

It is usually the wrong sort of reporter who decides to stop off for a couple of hectic weeks in Port-au-Prince or Cap Haitien in order to get the real low-down on Haiti and Haitians. Such a fellow is usually looking for scandal and sensation-reeking local color and not the truth. He is already burdened […]

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Haiti: Duvalier

Three weeks ago Haiti welcomed a special guest: Haile Selassie, King of Kings, Lion of Judah, and Emperor of Ethiopia. The visit of the African leader was a diplomatic success for President Francois Duvalier. Wayne Ferris, “Haiti’s King of the Mountain: A Visit to the Dictatorship of Francois Duvalier,” Outlook, WCKT-Miami (1966) But if the […]

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Haiti: Democracy

The original antislavery, anticolonial, egalitarian premises of the Haitian Revolution did not simply die out in the postindependence period. Arising out of the ashes of self-liberation from slavery, peasant democratic republicanism lived on in a popular vision of national liberty, civic fraternity, and racial equality, expressed through the Piquet Rebellion and other instances of popular […]

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