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Markets and Margins: An interview with Etant Dupain

The Public Archive  Based in Haiti, Etant Dupain is a freelance journalist, producer, and filmmaker. He began his career as a reporter for teleSur in the aftermath of the 2010 earthquake and he was a founding member of the important Kreyol-language independent media collective Bri Kouri Nouvèl Gaye (Noise Travels, News Spreads). Dupain has since worked with […]

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Black Looks: The Haiti Feminist Series

After a ten year run, our dear friend Sokari Ekine has stopped publishing the excellent blog Blacks Looks, but she’s left us with an incredible archive of Haitian feminist intellectual, political, and cultural history. Black Looks’ “Haiti: Feminist Series” consisted of a clutch of essays, interviews, and videos with Haitian artists, intellectuals, and activists addressing […]

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The Sufferings of Madame Toussaint

The widow of the unfortunate Toussaint has just landed upon our continent. Her account of her own and her husband’s sufferings, from Bonaparte’s tyranny, would be incredible, were they not already equaled by the Corsican’s former atrocities, and those of his accomplices. Her mutilated limbs and numerous wounds, are, besides, visible proofs of the racks […]

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Marie-Louise Christophe, Queen of Haiti

The planters talked over their billiards and their wine, and the longer they played and the more they drank the more they talked. They said things not intended for slave ears. The wine loosened their tongues and blurred their intellects. Christophe listened with amazement and then coolly digested what they said; and within the short […]

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Marie-Jeanne Lamartiniére

“Let those with the courage to die free men stay here with me,” said Dessalines. A cheer went up: We will all die for Liberty! The doctor noticed that Marie-Jeanne, Lamartinière’s wife, cried the affirmation as loud as any man.  She was a tall and striking colored woman; he was rather astonished to see she […]

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Ligue Feminine d’action sociale

In 1934, the Ligue Feminine d’action sociale was formed among women of the upper classes. According to Haitian historian Madeleine Boucherau, Ligue members chose to move away from their usual model of inidvidualized patronage to a more communal one of inter-class cooperation which would attack Haiti’s greater social problems. The Ligue founded the “Association des […]

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Loïs Mailou Jones and Haiti

Lois Mailou Jones, Street Vendors, Port au Prince, Haiti, 1978 (Acrylic 53 x 40 1/4 in) The Loïs Mailou Jones Pierre-Noël Trust and the National Museum of Women in the Arts.

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Suzanne Comhaire-Sylvain, Africa and Haiti

Suzanne Comhaire-Sylvain vient de mourir en laissant une oeuvre considérable sur la littérature orale africaine et haïtienne. Ayant vécu loin des rumeurs de la politique haïtienne, elle est restée dans l’ombre pour nombre d’ethnologues d’Haïti, mais tous reconnaissent une grande dette à son égard : c’est elle qui a fourni une base indispensable et unique […]

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