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Jamaica, Haiti, Anti-Haitianism

Quelle est l’image d’Haiti entretenue à travers le monde? Quelle est l’image d’Haiti qu’ont les Haïtiens? Ce sont les questions que je me pose depuis que la nouvelle du traitement infligé à notre équipe U-17 à la Jamaïque s’est répandue dans le pays. Nadève Ménard, “Une question d’image,” Tande (20 février 2011) The expulsion of the Haitian National U-17 football team from Jamaica has led to anti-Jamaican […]

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Haiti v Argentina, Munich, Germany, 6:03 PM, June 23rd 1974

Haiti one, Italy three. Haiti nil, Poland seven. Haiti one, Argentina four. With three losses from three matches Haiti’s trip to the X World Cup Finals, in West Germany, 1974, was hardly a success. Yet the losses are somewhat misleading. Even with that seven-nil drubbing at the hands of an imperious Poland side (they scored […]

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Haiti v Italy, Munich, Germany, 6:46 PM, June 15th, 1974

Everybody was asking who would beat Dino Zoff. The newspapers mentioned European and South American players, but nobody thought a Haitian could do it. That upset me because I knew I could do it. Emmanuel “Manno” Sanon quoted in Charles Arthur, “The Man who Beat Dino Zoff,” Libète: A Haiti Anthology, J. Michael Dash and […]

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Haiti: Joe Gaetjens

A first-half strike by Joe Gaetjens, a centre-forward who was born in Haiti, inflicted ignominy on England in their maiden World Cup campaign and the verdict in The Times the following day was damning: “Probably never before has an England team played so badly. The chances they missed were legion.” Simon Hart, “Bert Williams: ‘The […]

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Haiti: Joe Gaetjens

“Outside the lines: A Goal, a Ghost,” ESPN Soccernet (May 30, 2010)

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